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Bharani Ramlingam

Ms Bharani Ramlingam

25 years old from Kuantan, Pahang.

I would like to thank BAWANG shampoo for growing back my hair beautifully again! I would like to share my experience with ladies and gentlemen:-

5 months ago, I developed pain in my abdomen. I went to see doctor and doctor diagnosed out that I had Colon Cancer. Under the doctor advise, I went for the operation on 10th, February 2011 at Hospital Besar Kuantan, Pahang and the doctor cut off my colon of 15 inches in length. Before the operation, my hair was healthy and very thick. After the operation and on medication, my hair started to fall just within one week very seriously and I became nearly bald.

One day, when I went shopping with my mum, we were attracted by the photo of Jacky Chan smiling and holding BAWANG shampoo in his hand. I told to myself, "How nice if I could have thick hair like Jacky Chan!" My mum told me, "Since you were having hair loss problem, why not give it a try?" I quickly bought a pack of BAWANG anti-hair fall shampoo and start using it.

I could see the results within few weeks only. My hair stop falling and I noticed that my hair started to grow back gradually after 3 months of using BAWANG anti-hair fall shampoo and become healthier. Now I regain back my normal self and my hair is thicker and very dark. I can live a normal life again. I am a happy lady now!

I wanted to share my good experience with BAWANG shampoo to all ladies and gentlemen. I love BAWANG shampoo so much! I promise I will use it forever.

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Bawang anti-hair fall shampoo conditional set

Bawang anti-hair fall shampoo conditional set

Mr Abdul

Mr Abdul Rahman bin Karim

27 years old, Logistic Clerk from Jenjarum, Selangor.

My hair fall because of skin disease name Psoriasis, which is a long-lasting autoimmune disease characterized by patches of abnormal skin. It affected my scalp and causing my hair to fall.

I came across BAWAMG anti-hair fall shampoo the other day while looking for my regular shampoo at the shelves and decided to give it a try in hope for lesser hair fall. The outcome surprised me as my hair fall was noticeable reduced after 6 months. BAWAMG anti-hair fall really work for me and I guess it will do the same to others also.

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Mr Arian

Mr Arian Ong

25 years old, Sales Executive from Kuala Selangor, Selangor.

I have hereditary hair loss and the boldness started to show in my early 20s. I am trying to prevent further hair loss by using anti-hair fall shampoo. I found out that BAWANG anti-hair fall shampoo pack is effective and so far the best combination available for me to combat further hair loss.

With it herbal shampoo and conditioner, it effectively reduce hair fall while leaving my hair healthier and stronger.

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Bawang anti-hair fall shampoo conditional set

Bawang hair-darkening shampoo conditional set

Mr Teo

Mr Teo Hai Soon

39 years old, Contractor from Pekan Kapar, Selangor.

Lately my wife told me that my hair was no longer dark & shinning compares to younger me. This just makes me realize I have been ignored my hair care for some years. I mention this problem to my friends in one of my "yam cha" session and one of them introduces me to BAWAMG hair darkening shampoo and also he warn me about the herbal sense of the shampoo.

In first few wash, I was not use to the shampoo herbal smell but I determine to try it for a month at least. After 2 weeks, I can start to see the changes to my hair. It gains a bit of the shininess compares to earlier weeks and also I start get use to the herbal sense. I believe if I continue to use this shampoo, it wills for sure helps my hair regains the darkness & shininess as I use to have and I will look younger by then. So aside from the smell, it's really worth trying!

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Ms Lau 37

Ms Lau Keng Ni

37 years old, Assistant Manager from Port Klang, Selangor.

As an assistant manage and housewife in the same time, grooming hair at hair salon is like a place to distress from life. But this pay a consequent effect to my scalp and hair, the hair started to drop more than usual.

My sister introduces me to this BAWANG ladies hair fall control set which she claim will help to reduce my hair fall. On first use, I was surprised by the herbal smell but it smell like fragrance to me. After few round of washing, I notice my hair fall was reduced. With the mint content in the shampoo that give the cooling effect while it relief the scalp pressure. It gave me the feel of after visiting hair salon as I also reduce my visit to hair salon to prevent further hair loss.

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Bawang Ladies hair fall control set

Bawang Ladies hair fall control set

Ms Lau 33

Ms Lau Keng Ping

33 years old, Housewife from Jeram, Selangor.

I just delivered my second baby and my body hormone is at irregular stage. This cause excessive hair fall and I was introduce by a friend which also just delivered her baby like me to try BAWANG ladies hair fall control set.

With it natural and mild anti-hair fall composite essences, it really helped to reduce my hair fall while leaving a healthier and hopefully thicker hair in future. I will recommend this shampoo to all mothers to give it a try to reduce the hair fall at postpartum stage.

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Ms Teo

Ms Teo

19 years old, Hairstylist from Puchong, Selangor.

My work required me to go outdoor from morning till night. Stress and busy works schedule causing me to have not enough time in grooming my long hair in good condition. Day after day, my hair turn yellow, dry and lifeless. I also often experience hair tangle and breakage.

After using BAWANG hair-strengthening shampoo, my hair started to become stronger, healthier and shiny. It makes my hair always in good condition and neat throughout my busy working schedule all day long.

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Bawang hair-strengthening shampoo

Bawang hair-strengthening shampoo

Mr Yap

Mr Yap Chin Hock

24 years old, Customer Service Support from Klang, Selangor.

As a youngster that just entered the workforce, I like others like to follow hair style trend. With all the styling, I found out that my hair not as shinning or healthy as compare to others. I started to look for treatment that can make my hair healthier but those treatments cost a lot more then I can afford.

By faith, I met with this salesperson that introduced me this BAWANG hair strengthening shampoo. Since it cost much lesser then the pro-treatment, I immediately purchase a bottle to try. To my surprise, it worked like a pro-treatment and my hair now is healthier. And also the shine is back! Thanks to that BAWANG salesperson for introducing me this shampoo.

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Mrs Yee

Mrs Yee

51 years old, Housewife from Shah Alam, Selangor.

I am having a very sensitive scalp. Due to serious irritation I often use fingers to scratch my scalp to hurt even cause scalp fell substantially.

This caused me to be a very grumpy because I could not figure out any solution to my hair problems. After using this BAWAMG anti-dandruff shampoo, my scalp is no longer feels itchy and always pleasant and fresh. Thank you BAWANG!

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Bawang anti-dandruff shampoo

Bawang hair reparing and nourishing shampoo

Ms Chin Chee Sun

Ms Chin Chee Sun

32 years old, Assistant Manager from Klang, Selangor.

I am interested to use BAWANG hair repairing & nourishing shampoo because after use, it helps make my hair grow shinier, no longer dry and lifeless. No more split ends and hair tone problems due to my hobby perming my hair.

Now, I am using BAWANG hair repairing & nourishing shampoo regularly. It just feel like getting a hair treatment in hair salon.

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Ms Tan

Ms Tan hui Yee

21 years old, Clerk from Klang, Selangor.

After washing my hair using BAWANG hair repairing & nourishing shampoo, I will use BAWANG hair conditioner by massaging my scalp and leave it for a while. This helps my hair naturally absorb nutrients and make my hair healthier.

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Bawang hair reparing and nourishing with conditioner

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